Standardization, strict requirements, Strong execution

Standardization: The company implements standardized management. In combination with quality, environment and occupational health and safety management system, various standardization documents are formulated for various management processes, work requirements, and behavioral norms. The content covers the whole process of the company's management and various job positions, so that employees can follow the rules. Standardized documents will be used as the main content of employee training. Regular training and examinations will be organized to ensure that employees are skilled in relevant management requirements, work processes and operational specifications, and lay a solid foundation for improving work quality and efficiency.

Strict requirements: reflected in high standards of work, strict requirements, and reflected in the standardization documents. Through strict implementation, that is, "how to write how to write, how to do it, how to do it", to achieve the implementation of strict requirements. It has formed a good working atmosphere with serious work, strict and responsible, vigorous and vigorous, attention to detail and pursuit of perfection.

Strong execution: Complete the company's goals and tasks according to the specified time and quality standards, strictly implement the company's rules and regulations, do not talk about conditions, do not delay, do not make excuses to ensure the company's various business activities, daily management and employees The code of conduct is in compliance with company regulations. At the same time, the company implements a strict performance appraisal system, and the employee's income is linked to performance, reflecting the result-oriented philosophy of “only stressing credit and not stressing hard work”.

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